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The PAS corporation continues its mission in using up to date technology and facilities , considering related standards and principles in order to provide safe and secure environment. we've started our activity in managing industrial and special waste focusing on sanitary disposal.

Disposal Certification

The PAS corporation in order to fulfill its promises to respected customers , provides trackable certification for every disposal process .customer's consent is our main concern.


In order to increase customers convenience , the PAS corporation provides the entire waste management processes electronically , including collecting , transport , final disposal and receiveing the disposal certification.

Legal Authorization

The PAS corporation has got all the authorizations required to manage diversity of industrial , special and medical waste from legal and regulatory authorities. the authorizations are all completely legal .


We provide a wide range of waste management services in Iran with the aim of recycling contaminated wastewater and sludge, recycling oil spills, disposing industrial and special waste products, burial of industrial waste management.

Environment & Waste Library

In order to increase your knowledge in the field of environment and waste refer to this section.

Industrial Waste Management in PAS

In order to get information about the industrial and special waste management process in different phases , refer to this section.


Refer to our catalog for more information on PAS services, and if you need more information contact us.

HSE & Environment Online Training Courses.

The PAS cooperating with Mehr Alborz university of Tehran holds HSE and environment online training courses.

Medical Waste Management at PAS

In order to get information about the medical waste management process in different phases , refer to this section.

Customers Portal

We provide our customers an online , fast and safe waste management and transport from origin to distination.

Customer Service Portal

Our customers can register their orders online and use the Comprehensive Electronic Services Portals to receive their invoice, disposal certification and relevant required reports.


Progress OF Project

The basis for our advancement and development will be investments made by scholars, scientists and academics. Our industrial problems and issues are first raised in scientific committees; by allocating funds and providing the necessary infrastructure, the R & D department will provide a solution.

Environmental Consultant 90%
Industrial Waste Management 100%
Disposal of Fluorescent Lamps 100%
Industrial and special waste management 95%

PAS Customers

ParsArman customers include different groups. Our goal is to provide the highest quality services as soon as possible for our respectable customers.


Customers in the Infectious sector


Customers in the Industrial sector


Customers in the Pharmaceutical Chemical sector


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Our Experts

If you need to contact our experts, use the following numbers Our goal is to deal with your complaints and problems as soon as possible

En. Sadri

Proces Expert (023) 3333 7336 (023) 3336 4226

En . Maddah

Central Site Manager (023) 3333 7336 (023) 3336 4226

Mrs. Saberian

Waste Expert (023) 3336 4225 (023) 3336 4226

Mrs, Gorzin

Waste Expert (023) 3333 7336 (023) 3336 4226

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